I knew I innately was a powerful, passionate, smart entrepreneur but I did not have the skills to be a “successful” entrepreneur so that I could create the financial abundance and freedom in all areas of my life like I desired.

I was always an entrepreneur making money on my own terms from babysitting as a young girl to traveling through Europe selling my writings to co-owning a wellness center, to traveling nationally teaching healthy food prep and wellness classes and retreats to starting my own raw food and juice bar and so much more.  But none of my businesses ever cultivated the money I needed to create financial abundance or freedom.

It was my own healing journey with pelvic pain that forced me to surrender and dive deep into…..

  • Personal development
  • Human potential
  • Mindset
  • Retraining the brain
  • Conscious lifestyle design
  • Conscious business design
  • Wealth consciousness
  • and more.

It was during my healing journey when I chose to totally surrender, stop settling and finally reach out for the expert guidance I needed to truly create the life and financial freedom I desired for my family and I.  I stopped trying to do it all myself.  I stopped trying to figure it all out.  I stopped trying so hard and working so hard.  These were all limiting beliefs I had been living my life by that got me into my health situation to begin with!  I knew I had to become a totally new me to feel how I truly desired to feel in my life.

I invested in the coaches, mentors, therapists, researchers, courses, books and experts I needed to help me discover my truths and truly learn the skills I needed to become the successful authentic entrepreneur I knew I was meant to be giving my unique gifts to the world and leaving a legacy that will change women’s lives forever.

I was forced to take my big leap of faith due to my healing  journey but YOU can choose to do it on your own because you deserve to live your best life NOW!  My healing journey was the biggest gift to me!  It was the Universe saying, “hello Kelly….. time to wake up to your power.” 

And now I’m saying to YOU…… it’s time to wake up to your power and give your gifts to the world. 

I became a totally new person rewiring myself for happiness, joy, success, wealth and more.

I continue to dream bigger every day and am totally committed to my daily mindset practices and rituals that help me live in alignment with my highest good creating all I desire to create in this world.

Now I live a daily life of ease and joy.  I have a successful on-line business that is my divine calling where I get to work with women like you who also desire to live your best life and give your authentic gifts to the world.  I have cultivated financial freedom allowing me to live the freedom lifestyle.  My family and I moved from the east coast to the west coast for an adventure.  I have two amazing boys I’m teaching these skills to young- I’m modeling the freedom lifestyle and doing only what you love in this life!  Life is mysterious and magical and I feel grateful and blessed every day.  I see every obstacle as an opportunity to learn a lesson.

Are you ready to create your own success story?

I truly believe that every woman has a unique gift to create and share with the world.  I believe every woman is an entrepreneur at heart and deserves to turn her passions into profits so she can absolutely love what she does every moment of her life.

I believe our work should be our play and our play should be our work!  Mine is and it feels extraordinary and freeing.

I believe you deserve to cultivate financial freedom doing what you love and feel abundant in your life.

When you discover your divine purposes you have the power to fully express them- to shine your brightest- to play big.  And you get to create amazing lasting change in other’s lives and in the world around you.

I am here to support you in discovering your truths and unique gifts, becoming the successful on-line entrepreneur you are meant to be and taking the daily inspired actions you need to take to do it all with ease, grace and your unique style. 

The perfect time is NOW.  I believe in you and am here to support you every step of the way.

I’d love to have you sign-up for a Strategy Call with me as your first step to changing your life, creating success on your terms and cultivating the six or seven figure income that you desire.

As Einstein says, “No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it.”

Choose to take action now!

I can’t wait to support you,