Life Lessons…….

Life is filled with lessons and I’ve always been fascinated with them. I’m curious. I notice. I’m aware. Sometimes it takes me a few times to get the lesson but I open up to receive the wisdom and ask for guidance and I get it eventually.

Every day, every experience, every moment ….. there is truly a lesson.

An old limiting belief of mine was, “don’t create conflict” – basically don’t ruffle the feathers. That thought that if I do everything right that everything will be ok- I’m safe. If I’m “good” and “follow the rules” I’m safe and everything will be ok.

Bullshit!!! I threw those beliefs out the window a while ago!!!

Well, over the years of my personal development work and coming into my own truths I know those old beliefs are not of my highest self at all! Since I no longer have those limiting beliefs it changes my thoughts, feelings / emotions and actions in a situation now so that I get a different result.

What I do know is my truth at this point in my life is I don’t care if everyone likes me. I don’t care what others think of how I live my life or parent or what I wear or my choices. I don’t care if others spend their time judging me and talking about me or my family and I don’t care about their judgements.

I don’t give a fuck about the above. Waste of time!

What I do give a fuck about is when a neighbor yells at my kid in a nasty way and thinks it’s ok. Not ok!

This happened yesterday and it did not take me two seconds from the point that I heard it to walk over to her house and question her. I spoke my truth. It’s unacceptable to me and I spoke my truth in a firm but kind- well kinda kind tone- or maybe not very kind because that was my truth! It felt fantastic. No fuck in the world about what she thought about me because she lost my respect and care for a few reasons now! FYI- this was not the first time!

I’m sharing this story because I want YOU to choose what you give a fuck about and what you don’t. I want you to only focus on what you do give a fuck about and let go of the rest.

I want you to DO YOUR LIFE in your full truth all the time. I want you to witness your beliefs that eventually lead to the results in your life. In the above situation if I still did not want to “ruffle feathers” I most likely would not have said anything or maybe waited till I saw her and try to “work things out”. No- waste of time.

Make sense?

Last night as I was going to bed I forgave her and sent her kind prayers. I hold no grudges and I won’t hold negative energy if I see her- because that only effects me. Part of not giving a fuck is truly forgiving and not holding on to any low-level emotional energy that others may give off or that come from a situation or experience. It’s part of setting clear boundaries. I choose to not let her energy into my field- done!

Share with me below or message me if it’s private (I absolutely love when you ladies message me with stories) and let me know if this resonates with you and if you have any similar stories or if you are struggling with someone or a situation that you desire to resolve so that you can feel better in your life.

We do not have the control of other’s energy or actions….. we only have control over our own energy and reactions.

P.S. For my next book I’m working on gathering Women’s Healing Journey Stories. If any of you are on a healing journey or know a woman on a healing journey I would love to chat and interview you. Please message me!

We heal and learn via story and I love love love sharing women’s healing stories. I have learned so much on my own journey and I learn from every woman I speak to about their journey. I can’t wait to connect!

love and radiance, kelly