I’ve created my work.
I’ve transformed my life.
I’ve created a life I love on my terms.

I work during the hours that work for me. Between 6- 9 am I rock it out. My creativity is bursting at the seams and I know I can help millions of women heal and heal the world all while having a blast.

I know that anything is possible and I am kickin out the work, writing like my life depends on it, sharing, chatting it up with colleagues, thought leaders, mentors, game-changers, signing contract and deals, loving up clients and more!

In between I’m making nourishing drinks and food for my kids and I, loving them up with hugs, kisses and laughter and playing with my pup! “Ok kids I gotta go back to saving the world”! They laugh at me!

Then it’s time to meditate! That is my reboot. It is my time to go into alpha brainwave state and create my dream vision in my brain and body and prepare them for my future dream vision which is totally manifesting as we speak.

You see I’m a visionary. I live beyond this current reality. Reality is old news. The current moment reality was created from my past vibrational frequency and state of being (my thoughts and feelings). I’m all about creating all i desire and using a combination of metaphysical knowledge and science to do it! I know that my current beliefs and thoughts, intentions, feelings and emotions and vibrational frequecy are creating my future.

I use this to my benefit and I pump up my intentions and emotions to meet the future I desire and I live that all day long. Ok of course not all day but my intention is all day. When I get off course i get on course asap!! Because I believe I can create anything I desire. I believe anything is possible. I believe i am unlimited!

Yep, I’m a visionary and I love it!

So after i meditate I’m re-energized to give my gifts. I’ve received more downloads on my next steps. I hustle in my truth and I radically live my truth and give my gifts in my full mind body emotion soul system.

Then I crave nature!! Oh yes! During the summer my boys or one of my boys and I (and now Finn too) go out adventuring. We explore nature, water, rivers, hiking, mountains, animals etc etc. We sit in the grass and play. We laugh and explore. We get curious. Time expands! It is beautiful and I feel radically connected to them! I feel radically connected to Source, my higher consciousness and the Universe!

When I return home I’m again motivated, inspired and energized to create and give more. Connect with clients and colleagues. Write more!

I take joy bursts all day long for movement, nourishing farm to table food, creating meals and snacks to savor, making my home beautiful with fresh flowers, laughing with my boys, connecting with soul friends, nature, running with Finn, music, my plants, positive social media and more.

What is positive social media you may ask? You have a choice in how you use social media. You can look at it as the death of the world or you can choose to use it to change the world. I put out high-vibe information, inspiration, empowerment. I give away free gifts like webinars, e-books, challenges and more that lead people to my programs that can change their lives!! I share beautiful inspirational stories of people doing amazing things in the world. I share my life journey, pictures and stories. I use it for good. I use it to empower people. I use it to change people’s lives for the better. I use it to get my gifts into the people’s hands that need them!!!

I use social media as an art. I love creating on instagram and facebook. I’m not waiting for Oprah to call me and invite me on her show. No. I created my own platforms and I will share the knowledge and information I am meant to share with people before I get asked to be on Super Soul Sunday… which I know i will be because it’s in my dream vision. But I need to take inspired actions I’m called to take before that. I need to take inspired actions and have those right intentions and feel the high-level emotions so the Universe gets that message and so does Oprah! Get it!!!

We all have the to create our own platforms.

Ok I got off topic here. I was outlining the Tru Conscious Business Design Course that will be offered this fall today so personal branding was on my mind.

Back to creating a life on your terms. Creating a conscious business is totally in alignment with creating a life on your terms actually. If you are living your purposes and on a mission and totally confident in your path you will receive financial abundance back for your gifts- this means you need to learn to get out of your own way and know that you gotta be ready to totally promote yourself because it has nothing to do with you. If you don’t share your gifts you will hold back from people what can totally transform and help them in their life! You have the power to create your work, cultivate financial freedom and create your whole life on your terms.

So look out for the Tru Conscious Business Design Course which will help you create a life of freedom and create a life on your terms!!!

And you can do it all with ease, calm and grace because it all aligns with your truths!

So stop believing you need to ….
work for someone else!
live by your spouse’s terms!
live by your parent’s terms!
give all your energy to your kids!
do what the mainstream world wants you to do!
work 9-5!
work hard and come home tired!
feel sick and tired every day!
blah blah blah….

You have the power to create anything you desire in your life and I can show you how.

I know how because i’ve done it!

I have the skills and I’ve mastered the skills and it is my purpose and passion to give them to you.

Connect with me if you are ready!