To consciously create a life and business you love you MUST make it a lifestyle! You MUST learn it, live it and love it!

It’s a must! A non-negotiable ladies!

I talk to all the members of my Academy, programs and private clients about daily rituals. And there is an art and science to creating daily rituals that align with your divine path.

Creating daily rituals that align with your dream vision for your life and your dream vision for your business will help you get to the other side faster! And who does not want that!

So Friday posts are all about awesome daily rituals that will get you living the life you love and feeling how you desire to feel FAST!

Today lets chat about one morning ritual that I recommend everyone do.

That is visualizing!

Next, month in the Tru-Life Academy we are diving super deep into the art and science of creative visualization.

You can start with these simple steps:

-Get clear on your vision for your life or your business- whichever you are focusing on. Or you could focus on your dream vision of just that day or parts of your day.

-Get quiet, close your eyes, put on some alpha brainwave music and take a few deep breaths. This is awesome to do before you even get out of bed when you are already in your alpha brain wave state.

-Start to vision. See the images in your mind. Be in the vision. Feel deeply into the emotions and feelings of the vision.

-Keep visioning until you literally FEEL the doses of serotonin, endorphins and other feel awesome chemicals in your body. Don’t stop until you FEEL the way you desire to feel- this is key!

Do this every morning and you will shift!

Share your stories!!! You know I super love hearing all your beautiful amazing unique stories!!

love and radiance, kelly