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Learn the art and science of using essential oils to optimize your health, well-being and even your wealth.  I fell in love with essential oils during my own healing journey when I wanted to use as many natural holistic solutions as possible instead of standard western medicine.  I’m not against western medicine because there is a time and a place for it and it has helped me in many ways.  But for my body to ultimately heal itself it was seeking out the best research-based natural solutions including essential oils.

Now I want to share their healing properties and help you heal your issues with these natural solutions and remedies.  Specifically, doTERRA because they are the highest quality, sourced optimally, Pure Therapeutic Grade and can be used internally and on the skin which are both essential for optimal healing and well-being.

As a Licensed Healthcare Practitioner I’m helping shift the epidemic use of pain meds and other pharmaceuticals by teaching you the masses natural solutions.  Plus, I teach you how to make over your home and self-care products too.  It is a lifestyle that is simple you just need to learn it.  You actually save money living this way.

Every family and healthcare office should have an arsenal of essential oils and natural solution products ready for use at all times.

Facebook Live Classes Tuesdays 12 pst


  • 3/7  Why Essential Oils?
  • 3/14  Essential Oils for Pain Relief
  • 3/21  Essential Oils as a Healthy Lifestyle
  • 3/28  Making over your Medicine Cabinet
  • 4/4  Essential Oils for Healthcare Practitioners
  • 4/11 Essential Oils for Family Healthcare
  • 4/18  Essential Oils for Babies & Kids
  • 4/25  Essential Oils for Optimal Healing