I believe every woman is an entrepreneur in heart and soul!

YOU (and every woman) have a unique gift or gifts within that you are meant to create and give to the world. We are born with them and it is one of our purposes hear on Earth to discover them and give them!

When you give your unique gifts you help solve other people’s problems or a problem of the world.

Entrepreneurs are problem solvers that get paid to create and give what comes naturally to them- their innate gifts.

Do you believe you are an entrepreneur?
Do you feel you have a unique gift in you that you are meant to give to the world?
Do you feel resistance to the idea of being an entrepreneur?
Do all the “business” and “technology” stuff hold you back from stepping into your power to give your gifts in a bigger way?

Just start to question yourself and your thoughts around your gifts, entrepreneurship and financial abundance.

Being an entrepreneur does not mean you need to give up everything, invest millions, work super hard and risk everything.

No! You can be an entrepreneur on your terms, feeling how you desire to feel and living the lifestyle you desire to live. You have the power to consciously create your business and consciously create your whole life.

You can start “side-projects” that bring you joy and happiness and naturally you start to “share” those services, products, ideas or pieces of art. Maybe you choose to keep your full-time job and continue bringing in income on the side.

Maybe you decide one day you are ready to become a full-time entrepreneur.

No matter what and how YOU are an entrepreneur at heart and as women I believe it is our duty and calling to discover our unique gifts and give them to the world and create financial abundance doing what we love…. helping people, solving their problems and creating a life we love while doing it ALL!

I’d love to hear your thoughts and feelings on this.

If you want to dive deeper and have a conversation about how YOU can discover your unique gifts and learn and master the skills to authentically share your gifts then sign-up for a call with me and I’m happy to share all the details.


have a beautiful day!  Kelly