Food As Medicine: Using food & the eating experience to heal and feel your best!


Are you ready to use food to help you heal and feel your best?

Are you ready to learn the knowledge that you need to use food as your medicine?

Are you ready to finally know what foods you thrive on daily?

Are you ready to connect so deeply to YOU that you know exactly what you need.

Are you ready to learn simple techniques and tools and strategies to make eating well easy and fun?

Are you ready to experiment and try some new foods and new combinations?

Are you ready to ultimately heal your relationship with food and your body?


You are in the right place if you said yes to any of the above questions!


I have the solution for you…..


I’m Kelly Bradley, a licensed healthcare professional, Functional Nutrition & Natural Health Practitioner and Certified Raw Living Foods Chef, Instructor and Educator (but don’t worry I don’t only eat raw vegan and that is not what this course is about).   Plus, I had my own journey with healing that manifested as an eating disorder, obsessions with food and poor relationship with my body.


It wasn’t until my healing journey that I truly discovered the root issues allowing me to heal my relationship with my body and food.  This allowed me to learn to intuitively eat and feel and sense what my body needed in the moment.  I became friends with my body and learned to listen to it and love it.  I learned to get out of my own way and give my body the nourishment it needed to optimally function. 


Using food as medicine is key to optimal health and well-being.  This includes your thoughts about food and your body, what you eat, how you eat, your whole eating experience, eating with all your senses and more. 


I have created this course to give you a foundation of how to start to heal your relationship with food and your body and use food daily as your medicine. 


One of the biggest game-changers when it comes to using food as medicine is learning intuitive eating.  This takes conscious awareness of how you feel in the moment and you consciously choosing what to eat, how to eat and your whole eating experience. 


I believe that one of the biggest problems for people is that they eat in a stressed state.  Most people are in fight or flight state or sympathetic nervous system response most of the time. This is you ready to flee the tiger or in today’s world you stressed because your internet goes down, there is too much traffic, you oversleep etc etc.  If you eat in this state your digestive system is shut off because the focus for your body at that time is survival and allt he blood and energy are going to yoru extremeities and the places that will help you flee.  So a big secret to optimally nourishing YOU is being in the PNS when eating.  I teach how to do this before each meal. 


This course helps you use each eating experience as an opportunity to heal and balance the systems of your body.  Food is your fuel to have the energy to live your best life and do what you want to do- to fulfill your purpose. 


It is time for you to take your power and health back! 


Here’s what to expect in the Food As Medicine Course


8 week automated course


8 modules you will receive one per week including videos, worksheets and homework.


Weekly Q & A call


Private FB group


Your modules:


1  Shift your beliefs.  In this module we will identify the beliefs that have been holding you back from becoming the person you want to become in regards to food and your body You will learn knowledge you need including the science of change so that you can finally make the changes and cultivate healthy habits.



2  Releasing addictions, distractions & emotional eating. In this module we will assess all areas of your life and identify where you may be using food to distract you from dealing with that category of life.  You will learn about primary foods and secondary foods and set intentions to balance all areas of your life.  This will release your need to use food as an addiction or distraction including emotional eating.


3 The elimination diet.  In this module we will learn how to properly begin to release foods that are not serving our highest good to clean out our systems.  Plus,  you will start to clean out your kitchen getting rid of the junk.



4 Intuitive eating.  In this module you will learn how to connect to you for guidance on what and how to eat.  You will learn how to experiment and engage with various foods and eating experiences to decide what serves you best.


5 Simple food preparation & planning .  In this module you will learn how to set up a simple system to make eating well simple and work for your intentions and lifestyle.  Plus, you will learn the best food sourcing resources.


6 What foods to eat.  In this module we will go over what foods to eat and why. You will learn about superfoods and which may be great for you and your needs.


7 Creating daily rituals that help you live in alignment with your intentions. In this module you will learn how to structure your day to set yourself up for success.


8  Course-correcting & making your new habits a lifestyle. In this module you will learn how to easily course-correct when you get off course, and everyone does!  So there is no beating yourself up or judging.  Plus, we will put everything you have learned together!


After you complete this course if you are ready to go even deeper into your healing journey and get help with everything you learned in this course Sign-up for 3 months of private coaching with me!

I’m IN! I’m ready to heal and feel my best!



Your Results


At the end of these 8 weeks you will:


  • Start to heal the root cause of your food and body issues?


  • Know how to use food as your medicine every day of your life… one bite at a time to heal and feel your best. 


  • Know what foods make your thrive – not just survive.


  • Intuitively choose what foods you need in that moment. 


  • Have all the tools and strategies you need to make food prep and planning simple and fun. 


  • Begin to experiment with new foods, more variety, new food combinations and more. 


  • Finally begin to heal your relationship with your body and food. 





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I’m IN!

I’m ready to use food as my medicine & feel my best!


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