4 ways to kick your sugar addiction!

1- Eat more healthy protein: Protein helps to balance your blood sugar.

2- Eat more healthy fats: You can burn sugar or you can burn fat for energy. When you start consuming more healthy fat the body becomes a crazy fat burner and your cravings for sugar decrease. Coconut oil is awesome for this!!!

3- Eat more fiber: Fiber helps you stay fuller longer, supports detoxification and decreases candida in the body. Go for chia and flax seeds and other sprouted nuts and seeds! Aim for about 35-40 grams a day!

4- Eat sour or probiotic rich foods: Add more fermented veggies, sauerkraut and kim chi to your diet. They are also great for fighting off candida! Use apple cider vinegar on your salads or in water throughout the day. Lemon and apple cider vinegar in water throughout your day will blast away your desire for sugar!

The new 2 month Tru Food As Medicine program is launching next Monday!

The current Food As Medicine group is focused right now on releasing sugar from their diets and everyone can benefit from that! Even if it’s healthier versions of sugar.

For instance, I love these little paleo cacao almond butter cups and at various times I choose to totally release ALL sugar including fruit except for berries. That is my choice but everyone is different and needs different things for their body to thrive.

That is what the Tru Food As Medicine Program helps you uncover and solve once and for all. It’s a two month immersion to finally get to the root of your issues and solve them! You learn the knowledge you need to know while actually integrating it into your life so it becomes your new way of being and lifestyle. And we have fun while doing it!

If you are ready to use Food As Medicine to heal your gut, help heal your body, feel more energy, improve your skin and longevity and so much more sign-up here for a strategy call or message me and we can hop on the phone to make sure the program is perfect for YOU and your needs and desires. It includes both personal mentoring with me and a group community!

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Let me know below how these four tips help you transform your relationship with sugar! Plus, I look forward to talking with each of you soon!