My mission is to help women wake-up and become their fierce true-selves so they can give their gifts to the world, feel how they desire to feel and restore their innate well-being.

How do I / we do this? We are partners in this!

This is my gift and my purpose and passion to do this work. God / Source is working through me and I am the humble servant.

First, you need to decide you want this more than anything in life. That you becoming and living as your true-self is THE most important thing and you are ready and willing to dive in and allow for the slow death of your old self and witness the birth of your new self- your true self that was always within you yearning to come out and play.

We start at the root and you…….

-uncover your limiting beliefs
-uncover your old out-dated commitments and promises you made to yourself.
-witness your distractions, addictions and all your masks and choose to take them off.
-you release all that is not serving your highest good including all toxins, chemicals, junk food etc etc. When you clear the body of all this junk you gain clarity in the mind body emotion soul system and the body can start to return to it’s innate well-being.
-develop a relationship with God/Source and your spiritual team knowing they have your back on this journey- you are not doing it alone!


-start to discover your true self….. who you really are, your life purposes, your passions, your unique gifts.
-engage and experiment with life in new ways.
-map out your dream vision
-discover and uncover your unique gifts.
-cultivate clear intentions and pair them with high-level emotions so you can manifest all you desire.
-cultivate daily rituals that help you live in alignment with your new true you intentions.

You ……

-practice practice practice being this new you- the true you.
learn more daily.
-live radically present and conscious in your daily life.
-witness more and more magic, miracles and synchronicities in your life.
-begin to give your gifts to the world for the energetic exchange of money and cultivate financial abundance!
-become a giver and enjoy being of service from your truth.
-feel more of the way you desire to feel more of the time.
begin to live your dream life- your dream vision becomes your reality.

This is a magical process! When you decide and commit to you and fulfilling your purposes for coming to this earth that is THE most powerful decision you can make. And your spiritual team knows when you decide and they are backing you every step of the way and they lift you up.

You are not using your own strength to do all of this. You are being lifted up by your Spiritual Team.

Ask yourself:

-Why would you not choose to wake up and become your true self?
-What is holding you back?
-What thoughts?
-What excuses?
-What the heck could be getting in your way to saying yes to this?
-Is there anything more important than you living your truth?
-Are you being selfish and holding back your gifts just because you “think” you can’t do it or you “think” it is too much work? That is your ego talking!!!

Your ego will try to hold you back and keep you playing small and keep you doing the same old things and getting the same old results because it thinks that is how to keep you safe.

But you are safe now.
You are more powerful than you know.
You have the power to create anything you desire in life.
You are meant to play it big and shine your light.
You are meant to promote yourself and shout loud and proud how you are here to help the world.

I got the downloads from Source, my Angels, Spirit Guides to be the TRANSFORMER helping women transform from their old-limited selves to their true unlimited selves. I am the transformer. I am your guide. I am your support system.

I had to experience my own healing journey and life experiences to put me right where i’m supposed to be so that I can be the best teacher for you!!

I accepted my mission on this earth and I am living it. I live it every day……. every breath I take, every post I write, every video I create, every FB live event I do, every tool I teach, everything I share in-person and on social media is me living my truth.

No it’s not perfect. I get off course just like everyone else and I get back on course super fast now and I continue to learn my lessons. And I share my life lessons in hopes that I wake up more people. In hopes that you can relate and you say, “Yes i want some of that authenticity and realness. I want to live on-purpose too”.

My mission to wake millions of women up to their truths and have a blast while doing it!!!! All of us have a blast together doing it. Living it….. playing, laughing, dancing, adventuring, teaching, learning, creating, connecting!!

I want you living fiercely as your true self.
I want you giving your gifts in so much joy that you jump out of bed to give them.
I want you receiving so much abundance in return that you are free to create any and all the memories you desire.
I want you hustling in your truth with radical passion, joy, pleasure, love and gratitude!!!

Accept your mission and join the 2017/18 year of the Tru-Life Academy where I have put everything you need together to release your old limited self and become the new unlimited true you!!!!

Lets do this and have a blast while doing it!

love & light, kelly