I fell in love with essential oils during my healing journey. I am officially obsessed with them for a variety of reasons including they are a natural remedy for almost everything!

Helichrysum is a natural pain reliever. During my healing journey I used it to decrease my pelvic pain. I apply it and can feel relief immediately.

It not only has immediate pain relief benefits but it also is helping with long term healing with increased circulatory function, regeneration of tissue and more!

I also love this oil for reducing scarring. I had two surgeries in 2016 and therefore, scars. I used helicrysum and my scarring is minimal.

This oil can be helpful in decreasing the opioid epidemic going on in the United States today. This oil along with a combination of other oils can help ultimately heal and rebalance the systems of the body.

Opioids mask the symptoms but don’t heal the root cause of the pain, imbalance and issues. Essential oils help to heal the root and rebalance the systems of the body, return the body to homeostance and ultimately heal!

I am on a mission to educate the world in how to use essential oils to ultimately heal the body and to replace the toxic pharmaceutical products and skincare products typically used in the mainstream world.

Try helichrysum not only for the reasons i have already mentioned but also for:
emotional balanced including anger management
detoxifying and stimulating the liver cell function
acute and chronic pain
relieve respiratory conditions
reduce scarring
varicose veins

Message me if you would like to order your helicrysum and start healing naturally asap! Plus, once you order with me you get a free wellness consult where we discuss all your issues and how you can optimally start to use essential oils to feel better. We create a 3 month plan to get you started.

love and radiance, kelly