• Are you ready to “detox” your kitchen & home?
  • Are you ready to create space in your home and life?
  • Are you ready to fill your spaces with natural solutions that make you feel your best and live your best life?


I have your solutions….

I’m Kelly Bradley, a Functional Nutrition & Natural Health Practitioner, Licensed Physical Therapist, Master Transformation Coach, Certified Raw Living Foods Chef, Instructor & Educator, Mindful Movement Specialist certified in yoga, pilates and Gyrotonic Exercise and doTerra Leader & Wellness Advocate.   I am passionate about living a healthy natural lifestyle that allows me to feel my best.  I took all my passions and made them my work!

I am passionate about helping you feel your best and live your best life.

You can not feel your best or live your best life surrounded by junk, clutter and toxins. 


How can I help you?

Your personalized kitchen and home makeover.


Over my 23 years of helping people heal and create their best lives one of my favorite parts has been going into people’s home and recreating their space.

We release:

  • Junk food
  • Toxic home, skincare, medicine cabinet & hair products
  • Toxic chemicals, materials and products
  • Everything & anything that does not serve your highest good!


We create space.

We create sacred spaces with natural solutions:

  • Whole real organic foods
  • Natural organic products & materials
  • Essential kitchen tools
  • Organization of kitchen
  • Focus on simplicity & minimalism
  • Natural cleaning products
  • Natural organic medicine cabinet makeover including skin & hair care
  • Beneficial aromatherapy products
  • Earthing products


Here’s what to expect in your Private Kitchen & Home Natural Makeover 

  • Initial Assessment in your home
    • Kitchen
    • Food
    • Home, skin, hair, medicine products
  • Grocery Store Tour
  • On-line food Sourcing
  • Healthy medicine cabinet product makeover
  • Healthy home cleaning, aromatherapy & energizing products
  • Putting it all together


Your Results

A home filled with healthy organic foods, tools, materials and products that make you feel…..

  • Vibrant and energized
  • Clear & focused
  • Ease & calm
  • Health & well


Decluttering and filling your home with natural products allows you to feel good and live fully in the present moment.


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I’m IN!

I’m ready to use natural solutions in all areas of my life to feel my best.


Pay in full  $1250


Payment plan 3 payments of $450


*Add on 3 Month’s of Private Coaching

*Add on True Healing Course

*Add on Food As Medicine Course

*Add on Becoming Your Best Self