What and how we eat plays a huge role in our health and well-being and our ability to heal.

If our body is focused on digesting the food we are eating then it is not focused on healing at the cellular level.  We need to choose to eat foods that are easy to digest yet optimally nutritious when we are focused on healing.

There is an art and science to creating a program specific to each individual’s needs and goals because every body is different and requires different things to optimally heal.

In general we need to eat:

  • whole real organic foods
  • plant-based
  • nutrient-dense and delicious
  • mindfully
  • foods you love!

Together we create a plan that helps you heal more every day.

Cultivating a healing diet and lifestyle requires experimentation and the willingness to try new things and modify and change as needed because we are dynamic beings.  As we heal and time passes we may need to modify our diet and lifestyle to assist in the next level of healing.  This is why on-going support is recommended.

It is not enough to change your diet once and think that is going to solve everything instantly.  It will take time, patience, modifications, change and more.

By changing what and how you eat you connect with nature more and you become intuitively connected to what you need to heal in all areas of your being.

Nutrition Services:

  • Nutrition consultations & assessments
  • Nutrition / Food plans
  • Special Diet plans
  • Special Diet recipe development
  • Menu planning
  • Anti-inflammatory diet plans
  • Healing diet plans
  • Grocery store & outdoor market tours
  • Healthy food preparation
  • Healthy kitchen makeovers
  • Healthy food on-line resources
  • Healthy eating lifestyle organization
  • Group classes and workshops

To inquire about additional nutrition consulting or class details and pricing, please contact us by email at [email protected]