Today is my 41st birthday and I’d love to share a few of my birthday rituals that you may desire to try on your birthday.

I absolutely love birthdays!

For me they are a day to slow down even more and reflect. Reflect on all of life and uncover what is working and what is not working.

This morning I meditated and journaled receiving guidance and I evolved my vision.

Now I have even more clarity rolling into my 41st year on this earth!

A few things that came up for me:
-I choose total surrender.
-I am exactly where i’m supposed to in my life and I choose to embrace and love it.
-I choose to think and do beyond my current circumstances.
-I love living in my conscious healing bubble.
-I choose to BE HAPPY NOW- to become the happiest person I know!
-I desire to connect with Universe, Source, my Angels and Spirit Guides and higher consciousness more. To receive signs communicate with them more.
-I choose to feel joy, gratitude and love and all my core desired feelings NOW…. abundance, energy, vitality, grace, power, strength, authentic and more.
-I’m grateful and appreciative for all I do have…. my health, my wealth, my husband, my kids, our home, this life, all the people in my life….. even the obstacles that I know are just opportunities to grow.
-I focus on what I desire more of…… more health, more self-healing, more wealth, more joy, more happiness, more love, more gratitude, more authentic vulnerable connection, more adventure, more travel, more cozy, more snuggles, more laughter, more play, more free-spiritedness…..

I truly love my life and every day I choose to be conscious in the moments of life so that I feel more of how I truly desire to feel.

So on your birthday I encourage you to connect with your true-self and reflect. Uncover shifts you desire to make in your life and start taking inspired actions. Create your vision for the next year of your life and start taking the specific inspired actions that will help you create your vision one year from your birthday.

I have big dreams. I vision them daily. And I take my daily inspired actions.

Share with me some of your birthday personal development rituals.

love, gratitude and joy to you all today!

I appreciate each of you for being on this journey with me.