BIO: Kelly Bradley

Kelly Bradley is a licensed healthcare professional & healing lifestyle design expert.  She has been helping people create personalized healing plans, radically heal and feel their best for over 23 years.  Kelly’s expertise in the natural healing and living fields has led her to a variety of career adventures including creating automated on-line courses, writing books, traveling, interviews, collaborating on workshops and retreats, founding a raw food brand and wellness center and more.

Her passion and purpose is helping people heal and cultivate radiant health and well-being using natural solutions.  She is not against western medicine at all however, she wants people to try natural solutions first and use natural solutions in addition to any western medicine that is needed.  Kelly’s passion and advocacy work comes is a result of her own healing journey.  She is inspired every day to wake up and help those who need help discover the solutions that can work best for them!

Kelly is an advocate for changing how chronic illness and pain are treated and addressed in the mainstream medical community.  She writes and speaks on this topic and is passionate about helping people with chronic illness and persistent pain heal and feel their best using natural solutions first.  Plus, helping them create a healing lifestyle plan that will help them create daily rituals that assist in their optimal health and well-being.

Kelly’s intention is to help millions heal and feel their best using natural solutions.  She does this via her automated group courses, books, speaking engagements, workshops, retreats, interviews, writings and more!  She continues to see patients and clients one-on-one too helping each person heal so that they too can help others heal and we all can help the world heal.

Kelly lives in West Linn, Oregon with her two boys, husband and dog, Finn!  Kelly practices what she preaches and lives a natural lifestyle focusing on her own health and well-being.  Follow her on her FB page and instagram for daily updates and happenings.

Education & Credentials

  • BA Psychology- 1998- Arcadia University
  • MSPT – Master of Science in Physical Therapy- 2000- Arcadia University
  • CNC- Certified Nutritional Consultant- Trained at Tulsi Holistic Health Center and Center for Mind Body Medicine Food as Medicine Program
  • CHC- Certified Health Coach- Trained at Institute for Integrative Nutrition in New York, Board Certified by
  • The American Association of Drugless Practioners AADP
  • Certified Living Foods Instructor, Educator and Chef- Trained at Living Light Culinary Institute in California.
  • Certified in Gyrotonic Exercise, Yoga & Pilates
  • WHNC- Certified Women’s Health and Nutrition Coach: Evidenced-Based Program for Women’s Pelvic and Sexual Health via Integrative Pelvic Health Institute

“Kelly has helped me organize my day from the time I wake up to the time I go to bed with rituals that help me heal instead of prevent and sabotage my healing like I was before.  Now I enjoy my morning meditation and nature walks.  I look forward to my “healthy” meals.  Kelly really showed me how to make eating well simple!  And delicious too!  I love my food now.  I have changed many things in my life to allow me to feel happier during my day.  This makes a huge difference. Kelly also took the time to speak with each of my doctors to get a full picture of my imbalances.  I’m very grateful!  It’s all because of Kelly’s guidance that I feel better!”  Peter, NY

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