Listen to women radically living their truth in this life, feeling the magic, co-creating their lives and careers and absolutely loving life. Work with Kelly and become a “Live-Tru” woman today.

My life changed more in the first month of working with Kelly than it had in the last decade. I began painting and selling my art (a former career and passion I had let fall by the wayside due to fear and self doubt). I tripled the size of my freelance business. I gained presence, joy, confidence and clarity. The nagging chatter and guilt in my head has stopped. I ceased the awful health and nutrition habits that had plagued me for years. My energy is now boundless where as before I was couching it while binge watching TV nightly. I reignited one of my greatest joys—playing squash and now have regular matches several times a week. My work and personal relationships strengthened, I started dating a remarkable man and I am inspiring everyone I know—even my CEO. THAT was just the beginning.

Today I live the life I not so long ago only dreamed of. A life of fulfillment, authenticity, focus, financial security, health, creativity, service and passion. Kelly showed me how to create my vision and to make that my reality—one small shift at a time—while LOVING the process!

Dayna, Creative Director, Illustrator, Volunteer, Inspirer, Friend


Kelly was by my side when I thought there was no hope.  From the outside I had it all together… I was director of marketing, volunteer at my kids school, loads of friends, 2 happy kids, a great husband.  But inside I was struggling because I felt like a robot- I felt like I was going through the motions.

I hired Kelly because I knew something had to change and I wanted results asap!  I spoke to a few of my friends and colleagues and they all said you need Kelly Bradley’s Lifestyle Design Program. They were right!  A few of them had done it and I saw how dramatically their lives transformed and I wanted that too.  I had read about her work and always thought I don’t need that because I have it all together.  It turns out that she specializes in working with women just like me!

Well, it was the best decision I ever made.  It took what Kelly calls “courage” or “grit” for me to even take the step to admit I needed help.  After that we were off and running changing my life one subtle shift at a time.  It really did not feel like work.  I was curious, committed to the process and it was actually fun.  A huge thing I was missing was living life for my core desired feelings- I never even knew what these were.  I was judging my life on how much I did, how much I produced, how much money I made.  Not for how I felt as I moved through the moments of my life.  Big mistake!  Huge!  Now, every day I vision my day in the morning and the feelings I desire to feel. For me I seek to feel ease, joy and love the most!  Those are my main 3 core desired feelings and I now know how to feel them most of the time.

Thank you Kelly for bringing ease, joy, love and so many other awesome feelings into my life.

Meghan, Director of Marketing, mom of 2 boys , CO and world traveler


F-it is my new phrase.  I didn’t swear my whole life because I was told I shouldn’t it.  I was also told I shouldn’t speak up for myself, voice my opinion, choose a career that made me feel good, have fun and so much more that now I realize caused my physical pain.  I was living in a box- a box of shoulds!  These were my limiting beliefs.  I tried so hard to follow all the rigid rules that I made up for myself so that people would like me or approve of me.  Finally, my body started to speak to me by feeling tired all the time, then aches and pains throughout my whole body and more.  WTF!

I went on a journey to find answers.  Kelly is the whole package.  We worked together in her Lifestyle Design 6-Month Private Program and incorporated major lifestyle shifts including mind-body-emotion healing, nutritional therapy, she referred me to movement specialists… one small shift at a time and now 1 year later I have absolutely NO symptoms whatsoever!  My physical pain was caused by my mental and emotional imbalances- imbalances in my mind, body, emotion, soul system (which I didn’t even know what that was until working with Kelly).

I’m forever grateful to have uncovered my true self and have the FREEDOM, COURAGE & POWER to live it every moment of my life.  I just bought my first house, married the man of my dreams, have over $100,000 in the bank (which is a lot for me) and I’m starting my dream business.  Kelly is mentoring me now to become a Tru-Life Lifestyle Design Expert and Instructor and  I’m thrilled to help other women stop struggling and live their best life now!

Thanks for waking me up Kelly!

Tara, San Diego, Nature Seeker, Environmentalist