Intuitive living is learning to get quiet and feel and sense your own intuition and allowing that to guide you in every area of your life!

It is radical freedom.

No longer do you need to think with your cognitive mind to figure things out yourself- you just know.

You sense and feel your next step and your next right action.

You won’t get it correct all the time and that is the fun of the game. Yes I did say fun!!

It is fun to make mistakes and fail because it’s just more information for you on your next best step. Your next best step may be an epic fail because you need to learn that lesson.

There is no judging anymore. There is no, “I did good or I did bad. I was right or I was wrong. It’s my fault I messed up and I’m a horrible person” etc etc. There is no more blaming or shame over mistakes or failures. Everything is what it is because it all teaches lessons.

Learn to learn your lessons. Pay attention to the life lessons that come your way. They are an opportunity to grow.

When we fail or make a mistake we learn to feel the uncomfortable. We learn to feel out of our comfort zone and that is good. We need to live outside of our comfort zone to play it big and really become who we are meant to become in this life.

It’s like my healing journey. It can be very uncomfortable at times but that makes me curious. That uncomfortableness makes me ask more deep questions allowing the answers to come.

I’ve learned to be curious. Not judge.
I’ve learned to open up to a power greater than me.
I’ve learned it’s not about me.
I’ve learned to radically share.
I’ve learned to not blame myself and know that i’m exactly where i’m supposed to be.
I’ve learned radical authenticity and vulnerability!
I’ve learned the gift of imperfections & adversity!

I truly believe that everyone on a healing journey has been gifted an opportunity to radically wake up! If you are on a healing journey and still struggling please connect with me. I struggled for a long time until I accepted my mission to surrender and wake-up to my truths and my powers.

I now help other women wake up to their truths and powers!

I want you to learn to live intuitively.
I want you to radically live your truths!
I want you to shed your masks and play it big.
I want you to play it big in your life!

Intuitive eating alone is super powerful. So many girls and women have eating disorders (as did I previously) and learning to sense and feel your own higher consciousness, your own inner guidance system, your angels, your spirit guides, your version of Source is super powerful. You have an inner wisdom guiding you all the time. That inner feeling where you just know what will make you feel good and what will not.

Intuitive eating guides you to eat to be as in your truth as possible so that you can live as the best version of you and give your gifts. If you are overeating or undereating or eating foods that are not good for your specific body then your systems will not be optimal, your brain and mind will not be clear and focused- you will not be YOU!

Intuitive living and eating is a daily process. Just yesterday I ate when I knew my belly was already not feeling great and I knew intuitively that I “should not” eat but I chose to eat anyway just because we were taste-testing and my ego mind said, “do it do it do it”. But if I had listened to my intuition I would not have eaten.

I didn’t beat myself up. I just knew it was guidance. I rested. Spent time sitting and stretching and breathing in nature. Spent time laughing and in joy playing with Finn. Meditated and resting my body. Today I woke and I’m listening to my body. I’m sipping my water. Just noticing. This morning I did my yoga and loved my body up. I woke with so much energy and vitality it was beautiful.

If you are ready to learn how to get in touch with your intuition connect with me. It’s time for more of us to let go of the reigns and let our higher consciousness do our healing for us and guide us every step of the way on our unique path!!

love & light, kelly