Therapeutic Thursday is all about identifying and integrating natural solutions into your life to help you feel better now.

Today I want you to use nature and earth’s energy to help you re-balance your mind body emotion soul system.

-Get out and stand in the dirt or grass for at least 10 minutes.
-Take your lunch outside and sit on the grass while you eat.
-Purchase a few Earthing products like the standing mat for your desk, wrist band and sheets- these can keep you connected to earth’s energy all day long.
-Let the sun hit your skin for at least 30 minutes per day.
-Plan an activity in nature daily such as hiking, biking or walking.
-Sit outside with a soul friend for an almond capp in the sun.
-Take in the smells of nature.

Just yesterday I was driving home from taking Owen to soccer practice and I was vividly aware of the scents and how different the smells were here compared to Maryland. It was fresh, organic…… like fresh flowers were blooming all around me. It was a powerful meaningful mindful moment.

So use nature as your natural solution today to energize yourself, heal yourself and just feel better in the moment.

The weather makes a huge difference to my well-being. When i can get out and stand in the sun throughout my work day I feel even more clarity, vitality and energy. I have a standing desk outside too and I love to take my computer outside any time its nice and be motivated by nature.

Set yourself up so you can spend as much time as possible in nature.

love and radiance, kelly