Yes! As a licensed healthcare professional I have seen what typical healthcare looks like and it’s not good! I’m particularly interested in transforming how chronic illness and persistent pain are addressed and treated!

It was my own experience with my healing journey that truly opened my eyes to what people who are healing need!

The typical healthcare system puts one band-aid on the top the next, on top of the next, on top of the next. They address the symptoms- not the root cause of the issue. The band-aids may take away or hide the symptom for a bit but the root issues will come back in another form or the same form again and again until the root cause is fully addressed and balanced.

Only then can a being return to homeostasis.

When we have dis-ease in the body, an injury etc our body is knocked out of balance or out of homeostasis. Our intention is to return the body to balance. And not just the body but the whole mind body emotion soul system to balance and homeostasis. It is often the mind, emotions and soul that need addressing and not just the body. The body may reflect the symptoms but the root cause could be in any and all parts of the whole mind body emotion soul system.

That is what I needed to learn on my healing journey.

My passion and purpose is to help women get to the root of all imbalances in the whole mind body emotion soul system.

It took me experiencing my healing journey to really dive deep into what is needed to heal and integrate the whole being. And it’s different for everyone.

I have uncovered the foundation skills and tools to use to begin to explore what the root cause of your issues are. It’s like an onion. We peel one layer off at a time and continue to seek and explore to discover new layers that need to be peeled off. As we peel each layer off the whole shifts. We keep peeling and shifting until we return to our innate well-being….. our innate homeostasis, our innate balanced true self.

When we balance our whole mind body emotion soul system we cultivate radiant health and well-being.

This could take months or it could take years. It’s multi-dimensional and complex. We are dynamic beings so it’s not a one stop shop approach. It’s honestly a simple process in theory but the mainstream modern world complicates things. It is an evolving process while we are in the dynamic flow of life.

That is why I’ve developed my one-year journey to wholeness called Tru-Life Academy. I want women who are ready to truly transform from their root and uncover their truths once and for all to have all the knowledge, integration and support they need to do it and do it with joy!

It’s what I needed at the beginning of my healing journey but it did not exist. It’s been 7 years since my healing journey started and I’m committed to continuing to learn and upgrade myself and the program so that you can become whole and feel your best fast!

There is an art and science to everything I teach. I stay up-to-date on all the latest healing, personal development and human potential research and integrate what is most effective!

To all healthcare practitioners out there……. I know many of you believe in getting to the root but don’t have the time to do it. Please connect with me on anyone who you would like to work together with to help heal. I love working on multi-disciplinary teams to help women heal!

And if you are a patient and want me to connect with your doctor or practitioner I am happy to. I am conducting case studies now on how my program helps in the healing process and I’d love to have you experience all the amazing benefits and outcomes.

love & light, kelly