Are you ready to learn what foods to eat and how to eat so that you can thrive and not just survive? Are you ready to finally heal your relationship with food and your body so that your energy can be spent on living your best life instead of obsessing over food and your body? Are you ready to learn to cultivate enjoyable eating experiences that make your feel awesome. Are you ready to learn all of this plus how to make it super simple and easy for you and your lifestyle

Women like us want to feel good and have the energy to live the lives of our dreams. We have big dreams and we have the power to create them. We desire to feel ease, joy, pleasure, love and so much more. We have the power to create a life we love that is in alignment with our divine purposes. All while belonging to a unique sisterhood of women who get us- because we all share similar big dreams.

The Tru-Food As Medicine program helps you heal your relationship with food and your body and learn how to use food as your medicine to feel your best so that you have the energy, vitality and longevity to live the life you desire.

You need to start with your mindset! You need to uncover your limiting beliefs and subconscious programming around food and your body so that you can start to heal. You need to be wired for health, wired for healing, wired for energy and vitality and wired for anything else you desire in your life.

Have you tried to lose weight and it always comes back?
Do you talk negatively to yourself and your body every day?
Do you struggle with what to eat and how to eat?
Have you been dieting for most of your life?
Are you confused about what everyone says you should be doing?
Do you desire to stop worrying about what to eat and just feel good?
Do you desire to feel awesome in the clothing you wear every day?
Do you desire to finally heal your body and be free to do all you desire to do in your life?

You are not alone!

After transforming myself from a masked shackled version of me working so hard and trying so hard
in life to a grounded at-ease authentic present happy successful entrepreneur – on my own terms, I
know that it is possible to feel how you desire to feel in your life, make money doing what you love while
creating positive changes in other’s lives and enjoy living the lifestyle of your dreams.

I’ve now dedicated my life to empowering other women to turn their dreams into their reality.

Do you desire to become a new you?
Are you sick of being obsessed with what foods to eat or not eat?
Are you tired of wasting your time trying so hard to feel better but every time you end up right where you started?
Are you sick of wasting your energy thinking about food when you could be focused on life? Are you sick of trying so hard to heal your body but nothing is helping?
Do you know you want to change your life and create this freedom life but you are scared to ask for help?

My physical healing journey was my catalyst for change. It was my healing journey that forced me to
surrender to a power greater than me in both my personal and professional life. When I was 35 I started
to have pelvic pain that caused me to stop working and totally rocked my world.

But now I see it as my biggest gift.

If it was not for my pelvic pain I would have never gone on this personal development journey,
uncovered my truths, found my divine path, calling and purposes and definitely would not be hear
teaching you how to do it all so that you too can experience FREEDOM in your life.

My eating disorder and obsession with exercise started in 6th grade which landed me in the hospital at 72 pounds. With the grace of God I survived however, without proper help at that time the root issues that caused my eating disorder just manifested in other ways of being that were destructive for the next 20 years of my life…. obsessions, compulsions, control, rigidity, anxiety, over exercising, overworking, trying so hard, working so hard and more.

I did not know how much I was suffering inside because I just put on a happy face and went through the motions of what I thought I “should” be doing in my life.

My healing journey woke me up to many of my gifts including helping women ultimately transform their relationship with food and their body and learn to love the eating experience- just as I had to learn myself!

Do you ever think and feel this way?
Does any of my story sound familiar to you?

It wasn’t until I made the decision to stop settling for anything less than what I truly desired- because it was my divine calling- that my life started to turn around.

I stopped trying to figure it all out on my own, doing it all on my own, working so hard and trying so hard. I took responsibility for where my life was- because I had created it thus far and made the best decision of my life. I took the leap and invested my money, time and all my energy to get the mentoring and coaching I needed in ALL areas of my life that still needed addressing.

I learned how to release my limiting beliefs and blocks and create a new belief system that allowed me to one by one take the next best steps in my life. I learned to create a life I love. It took work but I uncovered my authentic true self and felt joy and freedom for the first time in my life. I knew this was part of my divine purpose. Then I continued working with coaches, therapists and mentors to get the business mentorship I needed to learn how to create and manage an “authentic” successful virtual business so that I could give my unique gifts to all of you and the world. Plus, create the financial abundance I desired doing what I love and live the freedom lifestyle I desired to live.

Fast forward a few years and I was able to transform my money story, my body and health story, my pleasure and joy story, my visibility story, my relationship story and so much more. I transformed my whole life and became a new me. And I’m committed to this life of personal development so that I can continue to up-level and evolve into even better versions over time.

Fast forward a few years and I was able to transform my money story, my body and health story,

Now, I get to empower women to transform their lives,
dream big and turn their dreams into reality.

The Tru-Food As Medicine Program teaches you how to use food and the eating experience to thrive in your life and finally heal your relationship with food and your body. We address your subconscious programming and limiting beliefs and get to the root of your issues so that we can ultimately solve your problems once and for all.

You learn to enjoy and have fun with food so you have the energy and vitality you desire to create the life you love!

It’s all about consciously creating your life so that you absolutely love your life and can feel how you desire to feel in your body and life.

What does the The Tru Food As Medicine Program Cover?

Here are a few examples of some of the modules you will have access to in the program:

Food Focus

Module 1 Welcome
Module 2 Food Sourcing
Module 3 Prep & Planning
Module 4 Formula Charts
Module 5 Essential foods to eat daily
Module 6 Up-level your food gradually
Module 7 Keeping it simple in the kitchen
Module 8 Getting creative


Module 1 Welcome
Module 2 Primary foods vs Secondary foods
Module 3 Subconscious Programing
Module 4 Beliefs, thoughts, emotions / feelings, actions/behaviors
Module 5 Creating new beliefs systems
Module 6 Your vision
Module 7 Meditation
Module 8 Creative Visualization


Your Eating Experience

Module 1 welcome
Module 2 how you eat
Module 3 your atmosphere
Module 4 eat with all your senses
Module 5 create daily rituals
Module 6 splurge and have fun
Module 7 creative gatherings


Who has the tru-food as medicine program transformed?

Millennials to 65 year old’s
Career women working 9-5 corporate jobs
Women around the world
Single mothers
Married mothers and families
Health Coaches and Healthcare Practitioners
Heart-based business owners
Creatives and artists
Women with various health conditions
Women who already have a business
Women who are starting their business from scratch

The Tru-Food As Medicine is a
2 month immersion program focused on:

Personal development
Using Food As Medicine to Thrive
Lifestyle & Daily Rituals
Radiant Health & Well-being skills
Cultivating a joyful eating experience

You have the power to design the life that you absolutely love.
It starts with you choosing to stop settling, taking responsibility for your life and following your divine calling.

So many women have come through the Tru-Food As Medicine doors, transformed their lives and are now feeling awesome in their body and living energetic radiant lives. I am blessed to be able to do the work I love and connect daily with each of these women.

Read more success stories of women just like you that have chosen to take inspired action, transform their lives, create businesses they love and are now living their dreams.

Your story could be here next year!

“Before working with Kelly and her Food As Medicine Program I was frustrated and overwhelmed with what to eat, what not to eat and what type of diet was best for me personally.  I was ready to give up!  Then my doctor referred me to Kelly and she made eating well for me so simple!  I wish I knew about her years before.  She helped me discover what foods made me thrive and how to easily adjust my lifestyle so that I can eat well and have plenty of time and energy to create a new life I actual love!  And now I love how my body feels, how my body looks, the clothing I can wear and I even love the foods I eat!  Thanks Kelly!”  ~Joan, VA


“Before doing the Tru Food As Medicine program I used willpower to muscle through what I thought I should be eating and doing for my health and to “stay skinny”.  I honestly did that my whole life.  I would eat the same foods and do the same exercise almost every day because that is what I “thought” I should be doing.  Kelly taught me so much about my mindset and how the root of truly ALL my issues were my old self-sabotaging beliefs.  Together we worked on transforming my beliefs.  Kelly and the program taught me to connect to my Inner Guidance System or my own inner wisdom (which I had no idea what that was before) for guidance on my next best step in my life including what to eat to heal, what exercises to do, what daily rituals made me thrive and so much more.  There is truly an art and science to using food and lifestyle as medicine and Kelly teaches you it all.  I felt very supported and blessed for Kelly’s one-on-one attention plus the whole community.  Now I feel ease and joy in my body and with food every day!” ~Teresa, NY

Anything is possible for us women who have big dreams and know we can create anything we desire…. especially when given all the training, support and community to do just that.

All YOU need to do is choose YOU, your life and all the others you will help with the business you create and the lifestyle you live.