Are you ready to discover the Tru-YOU…
your desires, dreams & life purposes so that
you can create a life you absolutely love? 

Women like us want it all. We have big dreams and we have the power to create them. We desire to feel
joy, love, gratitude, fun, laughter, play, ease, calm, grace, passion, pleasure, excitement
and so much more in our daily lives. We have the power to create a life we love
that is in alignment with our divine purposes and design our lives on our own terms. All while belonging to a unique
sisterhood of women who get us- because we all share similar big dreams.

The Tru-Life Academy is a conscious lifestyle design program with an optional certification
track that provides passionate women with all the skills they need to discover
their Tru-Self, their life purposes and their unique gifts and create a life they absolutely love!

You need to discover the Tru-YOU…who YOU are, your desires, your divine
purposes, your unique gifts so that you can create intentions and
take daily inspired actions in alignment with the Tru-YOU.

When you live in alignment with the Tru-YOU, you then feel how you desire to feel in this life.

Have you been feeling stuck in your life?
Do you wake up unmotivated to live your day?
Do you feel lethargic, low energy, blah most days?
Do you feel like you are just going through the motions of life?
Do you desire to discover your life purposes and live them in all areas of your life?
Do you have big dreams of living a lifestyle that is different than what you are living now?
Do you desire to feel more passion, joy, abundance and love in your life?
Do you want to experience more fun and freedom in your life?
Are you ready to discover your unique gifts that you are meant to give to the world?
Are you feeling frustrated, burnt out and ready for big changes in your life?

You are not alone!

It means you desire to change your life and maybe even your career
and financial circumstances and are looking for solutions.  Right?
It also means you are dreaming big and absolutely meant for more than you are living now.

I’m Kelly Bradley, CEO and founder of Tru-Living and Tru-LifeAcademy,
Lifestyle Designer and author of the Tru-Guidebook to Creating a Life You
Absolutely Love and the Tru-Inspired Action Planner.

I help women create lives they absolutely love.

After transforming myself from a masked shackled version of me working so hard and trying so hard
in life to a grounded at-ease authentic present happy successful entrepreneur – on my own terms, I
know that it is possible to feel how you desire to feel in your life, make money doing what you love while
creating positive changes in other’s lives and enjoy living the lifestyle of your dreams.

I’ve now dedicated my life to empowering other women to turn their dreams into their reality.

Do you…
desire to become a new you?
desire to feel more joy, ease, grace and abundance in your life?
desire to discover your unique gifts and give them to the world with the possibility of receiving financial abundance in return?
know you want to change your life and create a freedom lifestyle
but you are scared to ask for help?

Have you…
tried to change in the past but failed
been held back by life circumstances and the people in your life telling you you can’t do it?

My physical healing journey was my catalyst for change. It was my healing journey that forced me to
surrender to a power greater than me in both my personal and professional life. When I was 35 I started
to have pelvic pain that caused me to stop working and totally rocked my world. But now I see it as my biggest gift.

If it was not for my pelvic pain I would have never gone on this personal development journey,
uncovered my truths, found my divine path, calling and purposes and definitely would not be here
teaching you how to do it all so that you too can experience FREEDOM in your life.

Before the pain started I knew deep down inside that I was meant for something greater. I had tried
to start a few side businesses and each one failed. To make consistent money I did what came easy
which was seeing patients and clients one-on-one dollar for hour. But this did not feel right to me-
I was meant to be more and do more. I had more gifts to uncover and give.

My healing journey woke me up to many of my gifts including helping women transform their lives.
I became a wonderful coach and continued to learn and grow, integrate all I learned into my life
and teach what I was learning to women around the world.

But I realized I put myself right back in the place of working dollars for hours. I tried to figure out how
to create a successful on-line business by piece-mealing things together, reading things from various
places, experimenting, taking on-line courses and more.

At this same time more and more information came my way about wealth consciousness and living
the freedom lifestyle. Ahhhh…. I got the message Universe- thank you.

I knew there had to be a smarter way for me to give my unique gifts to the world in an authentic
way while creating financial abundance so that I could feel the freedom and ease in life I desired.

Do you ever think and feel this way?
Does any of my story sound familiar to you?

It wasn’t until I made the decision to stop settling for anything less than what I truly desired- because
it was my divine calling- that my life started to turn around.

I stopped trying to figure it all out on my own, doing it all on my own, working so hard and trying so hard.
I took responsibility for where my life was- because I had created it thus far and made the best
decision of my life. I took the leap and invested my money, time and all my energy to get the mentoring
and coaching I needed in ALL areas of my life that still needed addressing.

I learned how to release my limiting beliefs and blocks and create a new belief system that allowed me
to one by one take the next best steps in my life and business. I got the business mentorship I needed
to learn how to create and manage a successful virtual business so that I could create the financial
abundance I desired doing what I love and live the freedom lifestyle I desired to live.

Fast forward a few years and I was able to transform my money story, my body and health story,
my pleasure and joy story, my visibility story, my relationship story and so much more. I transformed
my whole life and became a new me. And I’m committed to this life of personal development so that
I can continue to up-level and evolve into even better versions over time.

Now, I get to empower women to transform their lives,
dream big, and turn their dreams into reality.

The Tru-Life Academy is a 12-month immersion program that
shows you how to discover your Tru-Self, your life purposes and your unique gifts.
It teaches you the skills you need to learn to create a life you absolutely love.

It’s all about consciously designing and creating your life
so you can feel how you desire to feel in your life now!

What does the Tru-Life Academy Cover?

Conscious Lifestyle Design

where you take off your masks and uncover your Tru-Self, life purposes and your unique gifts.  After discovering the Tru-You you create your big dream vision for your life in addition to Tru-Self intentions and daily inspired actions that help you live your dream vision now.  You become a new you: the Tru-YOU.

Tru-Food As Medicine
where we focus on cultivating radiant health and well-being using food and the eating experience as medicine.

This includes:
Tru-Food As Medicine Manual
separate private fb group
40 30-day focused sessions

And more…

Optional: Tru-Life Academy Certification Track
where you learn the skills you need to become a Tru-Life Coach and help other women become the best version of themselves and get paid for doing what you love to do.

Plus, you get to be part of the Tru-Sisterhood of coaches all living lives and doing the work they absolutely love.


(Module topics and curriculum evolve and change from year to year however, here are some examples of modules you can look forward to):

  • Module welcome
  • Module mindset part 1: rewiring your brain
  • Module the power of meditation
  • Module connection with your Inner Guidance System
  • Module connection with Universe
  • Module mindset part 2: Reprogramming: Beliefs, thoughts, feelings/emotions, vibes, actions/behaviors, results
  • Module You need to become a new you to get new results
  • Module Self-inquiry questions: core desired feelings and more
  • Module the art of creative visualization
  • Module creating your life vision
  • Module being your dream vision
  • Module engaging and experimenting
  • Module evolving your life vision
  • Module deepen your creative visualization practice
  • Module cultivating daily rituals that set you up for success
  • Module review of tools, strategies and techniques
  • Module using your tru-guidebook and daybook
  • Module create radiant health and well-being part 1
  • Module create radiant health and well-being part 2
  • Module Tru-Food as Medicine Program
  • Module balancing the categories of life:
    • environment
    • community
    • health/well-being
    • connection to self/personal development
    • adventure travel fun pleasure and laughter
    • creativity
    • soul friends and connection
    • intelligence
    • career/giving your gifts
    • financial abundance
    • passions/hobbies
    • spiritual

A woman on a healing journey with a chronic illness or persistent pain.
A passionate inspired creative woman ready to change your life!
A woman with big dreams ready to turn your dreams into your reality!
A mom desiring to improve your health to spend more meaningful time with your kids and family.
A woman ready to feel how you desire to feel in this life!
A woman who desires to be an entrepreneur who is ready to discover your unique gifts and give them to the world.
A woman working a 9-5 job who knows you are meant for more.
A woman ready to experience more freedom, ease, grace, pleasure and joy in this life.
An empty nester ready to focus on yourself and discover who you are and live it now.
Struggling with life decisions and desire help to get on track with your life.
A millennial who desires to discover and fulfill your life purposes while living outside the box now!

Who has the tru-life academy transformed?

Millennials to 65 year old’s
Career women working 9-5 corporate jobs
Women around the world
Single mothers
Married mothers and families
Health Coaches and Healthcare Practitioners
Heart-based business owners
Creatives and artists
Women with health conditions
Women who already have a business
Women who are starting their business from scratch
Women who have a side-project they want to turn into profits

The Tru-Life Academy is a Year-long training,
immersion and integration in…

Personal development
Life Design
Radiant Health & Well-being
Community, Soul Friends & Colleagues

Optional: Coaching skills

You have the power to design the life you absolutely love. It starts with you choosing
to stop settling, taking responsibility for your life and following your divine calling.

So many women have come through the Tru-Life Academy doors, transformed their lives and are now living
their dreams. I am blessed to be able to do the work I love and connect daily with each of these women.

Read more success stories of women just like you that have chosen to take inspired action, transform their
lives, and are now living their dreams.

Your story could be here next year….

Kelly really, truly walks the talk- work with her gets you real tangible
results! Every single person in the program would agree with me—
changing your mindset is the KEY to unleashing your full potential.
We all walk around with these self-imposed shackles, and once you
realize that you can challenge them…you really are free.

I’ve only been in the Academy for six months, and already feel such a monumentous
change- I truly feel like an entirely different person than when I began. When
I started this program, I was anxious, stressed out, and had a lot of nervous energy working
a job I absolutely despised; in just six months I’ve quit my job, started living
the freedom lifestyle working my own terms, and enrolled in a Master’s to get me my dream job.
Plus, I now walk taller because I am (building) genuine confidence in myself!
I am always skeptical of these things and can barely believe I’m the one writing
these words, but trust me this works!!

Everyone should take this program- do yourself a favor! I feel like an entirely new
person and cannot wait to see how much I grow in the next year!
Katie, MD

Anything is possible for us women who have big dreams and know we can create anything we desire….
especially when given all the training, support and community to do just that.

All YOU need to do is choose YOU!

What is included in the 12-Month Tru-Life Academy
Immersion Program?

Here is what you receive with your Tru-Life Academy Membership:

Orientation Process
Initial private session with me so I can get to know you, your story and your dreams.
Learning Modules the first 3 weeks of each month
Bi-Monthly Q&A Zoom Sessions
Two 30 minute private coaching sessions per month.
Lots of personal attention and support. You can text me, message me and we can hop on the phone if issues arise.
Plus, you have access to my email to email me if you need anything else.
Life-time Access to the academy including all upgrades and the community.
A sisterhood of likeminded women changing the world!

Optional: Advanced Coaching Training & Support for Certification Track

You have two tracks to choose from dependent upon
your dreams and desires for your life and business…

Lifestyle Design Training:
12-Months of training
36 modules with Kelly
Lifetime access to all on-line materials
Bi-monthly Q & A calls with Kelly

Exclusive private FB group

Tru-Life Coaching Certification:
Individualized tracking, review and feedback on each module.
Verification of your live coaching hours.
Designation as a Tru-Life Certified Coach
Listing in the Tru-Life Academy Directory of Certified Coaches

Pay in full

Lifestyle Design Training
enroll now

Tru-Life Coaching Certification

Payment Plans

Lifestyle Design Training
$3000 deposit
12 payments of $625

Tru-Life Coaching Certification
$3000 deposit
12 payments of $875

The Tru-Life Certification is for those of you who know part of your divine calling is to coach others and give
your authentic gifts to them. You will graduate knowing that you have all it takes to coach and transform
lives just like I do but in your own unique authentic powerful way.

Do you have more questions?

Schedule a time to talk with me.
I’d love to hear your story and your dreams!