True Healing:  Heal Your Body, Love Your Life


  • Are you ready to get to the root of your problems?
  • Are you ready to feel better fast?
  • Are you ready to get on the right track with your healing?
  • Are you ready to feel supported on your healing journey?
  • Are you ready to feel more ease, calm and peace while on your healing journey?
  • Are you ready to ultimately heal your body & love your life?


You are in the right place if you said yes to any of the above questions!


I have the solution for you….


I’m Kelly Bradley, a licensed healthcare professional and I experience my own healing journey.  It was my healing journey that rocked my world and forced me to surrender to a power greater than me.  This power greater than me opened my mind and world to the depths of mind-body healing, energy, spirituality, retraining the brain, meditation, reprogramming the subconscious and the science of change.  Now I call my healing journey my greatest gift!


I have incorporated a foundation of knowledge into this program that I believe everyone who is on a healing journey (which in my opinion is honestly everyone alive on this earth) needs to begin to heal from the root. 


If we don’t heal from the root we just keep putting band-aides on the symptoms and that is a waste of our life. 


One of the biggest game-changers for myself was learning the science of change and integrating it into my life and then my patient’s and client’s lives.  The science of change is missing from all other programs out there and is needed if we are ever going to change the epidemic of sick-care in the United States!  


This course gives you your power and health back! 


Here’s what to expect in the True Healing: Heal Your Body, Love Your Life Course


8 week automated course


8 modules you will receive one per week including videos, worksheets and homework.


Weekly Q & A call


Private FB group


Your modules:


1         The Science  Knowledge is power.  In this module you will learn some of the essential “knowledge” you need to know to begin to heal.


2         Spirituality  Research shows that people who have spontaneous remissions know that they need to allow a higher consciousness, a power greater than them, to do the healing for them.  You will learn how you can get out of your own way and allow your higher consciousness to do your healing for you.



3         Mind In this module you will learn that to change you must change your subconscious beliefs.  You learn to reprogram your subconscious beliefs and choose beliefs that align with your highest good including ultimate healing.  Plus, learn how only you choose your moment to moment thoughts and how you can choose power thoughts to support anything you desire to create in your life- including ultimate healing.

4         Body  Begin In this module you will learn to connect to your body and feel into the sensations in your body.  We will usebreathing, awareness, writing and meditation to allow you to feel more.  You will establish a mindful movement practice.  You will also be introduced to the core principles of using food as medicine.

*I highly recommend you also take the Food As Medicine Course because what you eat and how you eat is key to healing.  Use this link for %25 off of the Food As Medicine Course.


5         Emotions  Becoming emotionally intelligent is essential on a healing journey.  In this module you learn to feel the sensations that are your emotions (energy in motion) in your body.  You learn how each emotion is bringing you guidance and how to open up to receive this guidance.  You will be introduced to EFT (emotional freedom technique) to help you clear stuck emotions.


6         Nature  Nature is a natural healer!  Our bodies can heal themselves when given the right ingredients.  In this module you learn to simplify and clean out, detox and declutter all areas of your life.  You learn to reconnect to the natural rhythms.  You learn to use nature including herbs, essential oils, plants to heal.



7         Daily rituals  In this module you learn to cultivate personalized daily rituals that are in alignment with your highest good.  You learn how to consciously choose to create your day- every day! You create a dream vision and you begin to live it.


8         Dive deeper….next steps  In this module we go deeper into how to deeply integrate and practice all you have learned.  You learn how to cultivate your own support team which is essential to healing.

After you complete this course if you are ready to go even deeper into your healing journey and get help with everything you learned in this course Sign-up for 3 months of private coaching with me!

I’m IN! I’m ready to heal and feel my best!


Your Results


At the end of these 8 weeks you will:


  • have the knowledge and skills you need to begin to heal from the root level.


  • have identified your root issues that need addressing and healing and begin to work on them.


  • have more clarity in all areas of your healing journey feeling confident you are on the right path.


  • feel supported.


  • feel more ease and calm and peace as you navigate your healing journey.


  • feel more joy, happiness and pleasure in your daily life!


  • be on your way to ultimate healing and loving your life!



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I’m IN!  I’m ready to heal & feel my best!


Pay in full:            $1250


Payment plan:  3 payments over 3 months of $475


*Add on 3 months of private coaching

*Add on Food As Medicine Course