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Cultivating Home

I inspire you to create a home & lifestyle that allows you to feel how you desire to feel, in the moments of your life.

How I Can Help...


My intention as a Licensed Real Estate Broker in Oregon, is to curate an exceptional home selling & buying experience.

As an experienced home & lifestyle coach, I can help you uncover your next steps with your real estate in your life including upgrading, downsizing or somewhere in between.

As a coach & interior designer I help you see the potential in homes that you may not be able to see for yourself. You may find a home with great bones and together we can move through the renovation and interior design & styling processes.

I'm part of the renowned real estate brokerage in West Linn, Oregon, Robbins Realty Group. RRG is a boutique brokerage of women, who are Moms too, that love serving the community & proving exceptional services!

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INTERIOR Styling & DesigN

Interior styling & design became a natural extension of my Life Coaching work. I realized that as women uncovered more of their true self they had to begin to address their "home" spaces too.

Our spaces allow us to feel a certain way. We have the power to curate how we desire to feel in that space and then uncover the specific details that cultivate that feeling.

It is an art and science that I am obsessed with and that gets profound results for my clients. They feel more clarity & joy as they design their homes to help them BE more of their true self!

We often begin with de-cluttering and uncovering the root cause of the "clutter"- if you don't tend to the root cause you will never stay uncluttered!

I believe in a mix of the "old & new". I love when we can reuse and refresh furnishings. I believe in using sustainable, non-toxic products when possible.

LIFE Coaching

I help you curate your daily life with rituals that allow you to uncover your true self and live as your radical true self in the moments of your life.

We live in a chaotic busy modern world that makes connecting to your personal truths challenging, unless you are taught the skills and strategies to do so.

It was my own healing journey, what I now call my greatest gift, that allowed me to learn and then continue to share these strategies and skills with others.

I've been guiding people to heal for over 23 years now.

  • Individualized programs

  • Kitchen Makeovers: clean out kitchen, go to store, reload kitchen

  • Home visit to clean out and declutter

  • Curating the vision of your future self and how to use visualization in a meditative state to create your reality.

  • & more....

Wholesaling real estate, Distressed properties & Buying off-market

I love finding distressed properties and helping to make them gorgeous again!

When I meet with potential sellers my favorite part is hearing the stories! I am fascinated with "life stories". I truly want to hear your story and help you in any way I can.

I love helping people solve challenging real estate situations: foreclosures, getting rid of inherited properties or quickly needing to sell due to a life change (to name just a few).

If you or someone you know needs help with a real estate problem, feel free to text me at 202-320-5025- it's the best way to reach me fast! If you know of a distressed property that needs some love, please let me know about it.

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I’m Your home & lifestyle concierge

Contact me to have a conversation about how I can serve you in your home & lifestyle needs.  

Text is best: 202-320-5025

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Text: 202-320-5025

My Story

I am a lover of life. I am radically curious and will always be a student of life. I am now 47 years old and I continue to stack my skills to be of service in this world.

The foundation of my work is always helping people live their best life!

That looks different for each person.

For example, I may get hired to help a client sell or buy a home. Most people need help decluttering so I help with that. Many women I work with are in mid-life and I specialize in lifestyle design for middle aged women (FYI- I consider myself middle-aged). Then we also do some interior design and styling in the new home.

One service flows into the next.

For me, it is about the authentic relationship- being of service, cultivating true lasting relationships & enjoying the moments of life.

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