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Cultivating Home

I inspire you to create a home & lifestyle that allows you to feel how you desire to feel, in the moments of your life.

How I Can Help...

Sell, buy or invest in


As a Licensed Real Estate Broker in Oregon I help you SELL, BUY & INVEST in real estate. I am your trusted advisor, guide and fiduciary.

I work with a limited number of clients at one time so that I can curate an exceptional experience. It is all about the experience.

I am not your typical real estate agent. I am also a Home & Lifestyle Expert where I service my clients all year around by being a resource for exceptional Preferred Service Vendors that I have vetted.

I provide this service for free to my clients, friends, family and the community. It is my passion to support small local businesses with those who need their services.

Reach out to me anytime with questions or for service vendor recommendations. If you are a service vendor feel free to email me and I will send you my app to apply for my Preferred Service Vendor Program.

I am a broker at Robbins Realty Group, a small boutique brokerage of women in West Linn, Oregon.

Aging In Place & Senior Transitions

I am a Certified Aging In Place Specialist & Certified Probate Expert and I weave together my background as a Licensed Physical Therapist, Life Coach & Interior Designer with my Real Estate Expertise to help seniors and their family's answer the question, "where do we go next".

It is my passion to help seniors and their families thrive.

How it works:

We start with a FREE 15 minute phone call to see if we are a good fit and schedule our initial consultation in your home or over zoom if you are not local.

I come to your home and thoroughly listen to your needs and often do an Aging In Place assessment at that time. I provide a thorough plan to redesign, renovate or reorganize your space so that you can age in your home on your own terms.

Other options for thriving while you age may be to sell your current home and buy a more accessible home, buy a multi-generational home with other family members or move into a senior community.

Together, I help you have these conversations, provide you with multiple options and help you every step of the way.

LIFE Design mentoring

I am the founder of Healing Lifestyle Design, a method of Life Design Mentoring that helps successful women consciously create daily true self rituals that allow them to heal and thrive!

I have an extensive background in health and healing and have done this work for over 25 years. I had a healing journey of my own was forced to learn what it takes to truly heal at the root cause level.

My Life Design mentoring has a foundation of Dr. Joe Dispenza's work. His work was and continues to be a essential aspect of my daily life and living my best life.

I believe that when I am living as the best version of me, then and only then, can I serve others optimally.

I currently take on three to five mentoring clients at one time in three-month time frames.

Packages begin at $5500 for three months.

Contact me for more details.

My Real Estate Acquisitions

I dove into real estate investing when I decided to get curious about how to cultivate true wealth & financial freedom.

I enjoy getting curious about how to acquire real estate in unique and creative ways. I work with multiple coaches and desire to continue to build my portfolio.

I currently acquire properties where Seller Financing is available. Seller Financing is where the seller is the bank.

There are many benefits for both the seller and the buyer in seller financing.

If you or anyone you know is curious about learning more about seller financing, connect with me.

I’m Your home & lifestyle Expert!

Contact me to have a conversation about how I can serve you in all your home & lifestyle needs.  

Text is best: 202-320-5025



Text: 202-320-5025

My Story

I love being of service in the community.

I have built my businesses around authentic relationships and connecting the people who need services with the best service providers.

I believe we have the power to thrive as we age and one of my purposes is to help people and their family's thrive as they age.

Licensed OR Real Estate Broker

Certified Aging In Place Specialist

Certified Luxury Home Marketing Specialist

Certified Probate Expert

Interior Designer & Stylist

Founder of Healing Lifestyle Design / Life Design Mentor

Licensed OR Physical Therapist

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Licensed Oregon Real Estate Broker# 201251983

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